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Our vision

You probably already fell in the trap of those click-bait sharks , so called nowadays modern tech blogs. You are on your laptop / phone , you encounter a technical problem that you are googling , or you are simply checking your social medias and you see that article with a great heading! You tell yourself that is it ! I found my solution, or found an useful / interesting  info. But the sad truth hits you, the article was just some non-sense or repeated obvious information or even commercializing some product with no technical help at all !

Sick of that , We decided to make a change ! Our goal is to provide internet users all over the world some great , clean and useful content that will make you fix AND UNDERSTAND your problem, get more knowledge about the tech world around you , and get the most if the internet in a safe way.

Our Story

Nothing special , Just some tech enthusiasts like you who may or may not know more than you do, that happen to have the passion to learn and share their knowledge of the tech world.We started at march 2019 and trying to expand since.

Meet the Team

Basically made of junior developers , university students majoring in different fields, computer scientists …
What we have in common ? we LOVE Tech !

Next Steps…

If you feel like you share the same passion and you can a value to our team , please don’t hesitate , consider to JOIN US. Sens us a message through our Contact Page.